Rainy Day Make Work

elmundochico-logo-3I’m preparing for another complicated workshop I’m leading on Photoshop automation (Actions, Batches, Droplets, and Scripts)…its been raining so I’ve got the time to stay indoors and work. That would make too much sense, so instead I’ve been fooling around with the site look.  Since I took in Star Wars earlier today, the site has taken on a bit of a Darth Vader quality.  So much fun.

My New Lens

I’ve been shooting a Nikon DX format camera (D7000) for a long time now, as most folks into DSLRs have…that’s what was available.  I shoot mostly landscapes and have been eying FX (full frame) cameras for a while.  I finally made the plunge with a D810 in January.  I only had one DX lens at the time (70-200), so when I went on an extended trip to Myanmar I used a DX lens on the 810 as my travel lens (Sigma 28-300).  Not by any means optimal, but one thing at a time.  I was lucky enough recently to be asked to update a commercial web site I support…lucky enough, because it isn’t updated as often as it should be (what web site is?) but it has bought me a few lenses over the years.  My latest update afforded my a wide angle zoom (Nikon 16-35 F4 vr).  I love wide angle shooting. My DX wide angle is a Tamron 10-24 that I’ve owned for a good while.  This new lens results in the same angle of view when the DX is converted to full frame equivalent.

I did some side by side comparisons between the old Tamron and new Nikon lens.  There is no comparison…obviously a much better lens, and with the 810 body compared to the 7000, there is a huge difference.  That doesn’t mean I won’t use the 7000 with the tamron.  In fact thats exactly what I used in Myanmar for month as my second camera, and it worked great.  Its just nice to have the better lens and body.

My new travel set up now will be the 810 with two lenses; the 70-200 and 16-36.  I don’t mind the “gap” in coverage as I find the middle ground sort of boring.  Some day I may fill that middle ground in with a fixed focal length 50mm 1.8….no rush.  My D7000 will still come along with whatever lens is not on the 810, since I really don’t like switching lenses when I’m shooting.  It destroys the rhythm, and creates dust problems.  I must say, I’m really happy now with the set up.

Now I just need to get out and exercise the lenses.


Ok, I know I make a ton of typos. It used to be that I was just a bad, no make that terrible, speller. Before spell checkers I used to always have a dictionary on my desk at work and would call my wife several times a day to check spelling. Even worse than that, there were (and are still) some words I misspell every time I write them…and I know it!

Spell checkers were invented. What a blessing. Great invention. Those things even got better as they corrected my errors automatically. I’d type away and watch words unscrambling themselves behind the cursor. Fabulous!

Then a new invention. I don’t know what it’s called, but now my computers make up words, trying to outguess what I’m typing. Much of the time it works, but frequently I’ll look at something I wrote later and wonder, where in blazes did that come from?!

I absolutely hate proof reading. It shows. I don’t mind someone pointing out my mistakes. Please do.