Keep Getting Sidetracked!

Vancouver CompositeI’m trying to sort through all my photos on my hard drive to identify which ones I want on my web site.  I guess my attention span isn’t the best, because I keep coming across images that I think have “real potential”.  Potential for what, you ask?  Potential to play with, I answer.  I found an image I took of Vancouver as our cruise ship arrived.  It was stitched together from 6 images shot with my Nikon D7000… no great art, just having fun.  Well on second thought, maybe I could make it great art!   There is one “slight” problem with the composite.  We arrived in the early morning as can be seen with sunlight hitting the buildings…from the east (where it normally rises).  However I wanted some color behind the city for the composite, so we’ve got a sunset going on in the background while sunlight hits the city from the foreground.  I guess that’s called nature’s fill light.  ..

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