Printing My Images

I, like most of us (I think), believe the printed image is the epitome of the photographer’s art. Probably, again like most of us, I print very few of my pictures with social media being the primary means of sharing.  When you think of it, this is crazy.  I shoot with a 36 megapixel camera, and post at 75dpi, on Facebook.  I could easily be shooting with an iPhone and do just as well! Well I decided to try to print more images, and have spent several days culling my library to find candidates.  One thing I found is that the ones that might look interesting in print are not necessarily the same as what I previously considered my “best” pictures.  Sure there is overlap, but when I try to envision the print, many of my previously favorite images look like they wouldn’t really stand out.  This really is a difficult sorting process!  So here is my current “possibles” list. (Click image)

Mountain line

Portfolio Images Uploaded

After hours, no days, of cleaning up and organizing my photos I think I’ve been able to make a decent selection of the ones I want posted on this web site.  Its been a good effort.  Not just for the web site, but the files needed organizing.  Lightroom is the software I use to manage my images.  It has great rating, keywording, and Collections functionality that help to organize the mess.  I found a great tool also in their “Publish Services”.  Normally used to publish to Flickr, I was able to set up a publish service to a separate folder on my hard drive (which I use for my screensaver images).  Now when I identify images for my “portfolio” they get “published” to my screensaver, and from there uploaded to the web site.  The real nice feature in the publish services, is that it keeps the files updated, should I make any changes to them.