Navajo Country – Monument Valley

In the spring of this year the Kingwood Photo Club sponsored a Navajo guided tour to the Monument Valley area.  We only had four participants, but the trip was well worth it.

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Iceland and Greenland

I’m finally getting around to editing and posting images from trips I’ve taken this year…not complaining, we’ve been very fortunate to take some amazing trips, but they’ve been back-to-back-to-back, so my pictures have been sitting there unloved for months.

This group is from a cruise we took to the Faroe Islands, Greenland and Iceland.  We ended the cruise with three days on Iceland being driven by the crazy norseman Ludwig (Luli) in his “super jeep”.  Great trip, and if you are from Houston, a great way to spend August.

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The Importance of Foreground

Typically when I take landscape pictures I try to include something in the foreground for interest and to draw the viewer into the image. ┬áThis is true even when the background is great. ┬áHere is a “study in foregrounds”… I found three of them in this Yosemite shot.

CAD_6291-HDR-Edit CAD_6292-Edit CAD_6293-Edit

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