iPad/iPhone Photo Editing

I’ve spent days editing pictures on my desktop after a recent trip. I love doing that. Tonight I’m just fooling around on my IPad with a couple of new apps I picked up when I read a FB post by Dewitt Jones…I blame him for the multitude of editing apps I’ve collected. Here is the final image out of Photoshop, then two versions of that same image run through, first Brushstroke, then Distressed FX.  These apps can be a lot of fun.

Another image taken in Rothenburg and edited with Brushstroke.

Editing the $&@/€% Out of Pictures

Rainy day. Planned to go out an exercise my photo muscles but didn’t work out. Bring up Photoshop and my iPhone and massacre some photos. Actually you can learn something by trying everything under the rainbow. With that software it’s also a good idea to use it and practice. 

 This baby was an iPhone shot. I wished I had done better with composition but I liked the colors and textures. Heavy editing with iPhone apps.  

Pro HDR X Iphone App

I’ve been using the Pro HDR app since it came out several years ago.  It was my go-to app for taking pictures in an amazing number of conditions, simply because it always produced great results.  The only issue it had, and it was a big one especially when things were moving in the scene, was that it took too long to “analyze” the lighting conditions and take the two shots that it used (one over exposed, the other under exposed) to create the final image.  Frequently things either moved in the scene, or my hand moved and I’d get ghosting.

The makers of Pro HDR have recently introduced a great upgrade.  This new app takes three bracketed shots, almost instantaneously, and blends them automatically, creating images with great dynamic range.  It is now definitely my regular picture taking app for my iPhone.  I went out today to a local park to test the app out, and was quite impressed.  These pictures are not intended as great art.  I just wanted to see the results in different lighting conditions.

Normal exposure
Normal Exposure
Under exposed
Under Exposed
Over exposed
Over Exposed
HDR blended image
Final Blend – HDR

The series of three images and final HDR clearly show the process.


I did find that the software does tend to produce images that are overly “warm”, but that is easily corrected with sliders once the picture is taken.



Native iPhone app
Native iPhone app
Pro HDR - warm
Pro HDR – warm





A good example of the detail captured with the extended dynamic range is shown in the following pictures…a close up of clouds cropped out of the above set of pictures:

Pro HDR - detail in clouds
Pro HDR – detail in clouds
Iphone native camera app.  Clouds blown out.
Iphone native camera app. Clouds blown out.


Another example of images in a difficult lighting situation is the final two, shot into the sun.  The iPhone native app predictably created a very dark foreground while the Pro HDR app handled the situation relatively well.

Oddly when I used the native iPhone HDR functionality I saw very little if any difference in any of the pictures? Not sure what iPhone’s native HDR does.

Pro HDR - pretty well balanced
Pro HDR – pretty well balanced
iPhone app.  Dark foreground, blown out sky
iPhone app. Dark foreground, blown out sky

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Is This Photography?

One of the things I really enjoy with the iPhone are all the photo editing apps. When I’m just sitting around I’ll frequently go back and grab an old photo and play with it using whatever crazy editing I can come up with. This one was put through a little “Perfectly Clear” them Moku Hanga. It comes out looking a bit like a Japanese woodblock print….of a beat up old Buick. I like to think I’m a decent photographer, and I will admit that I’m a rather exuberant editor of photos. Is that a healthy combination?IMG_9617-0.JPG

My last post included this same old Buick, also heavily edited using Snapseed.

I Used to Look Great

… And now I look even better!

What is it about an old decrepit beater on the side of the road? I can’t pass one up. I took some pictures of this beauty about two years ago. It was slightly better put together then; with a For Sale sign in the window. The sign is still there. I saw it again today and had to take a few iPhone shots. She’s gone downhill in the past two years, and is even lovelier. I guess it is sad in a way. I’d love to be able to take her away and give her new life, but at the same time her sad beauty would be destroyed, as it most certainly will be anyway with time if she remains out here in the elements.

I wonder what her story is?IMG_9559.JPG



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Adobe Ideas App

I discovered a wonderful new app for my iPhone that scratched my itch to draw once in a while. I like drawing but don’t always carry around paper and pencil. Like the camera, the drawing on the phone may not be the best thing, but “love the one you’re with”. I always have my phone, so when I’m on a plane, or waiting somewhere I can now draw. IMG_9418.JPG

thanks Adobe. Now we’ve got to get the large new iPhone and find a pen of sorts that allows me to draw. I am using a cheap pen now that sort of works. Wacom must make something?

Continues to Amaze

My iPhone camera continues to amaze me. I took well over 1000 photos in the last three weeks with my “big boy” camera, while leaf peeping in New England. I’ve not reviewed them completely, but I’m sure some came out well. Everyday up there however Helen and I took numerous pictures of the same locations with our iPhones. Mostly we did that to share with friends and family through Facebook. Looking back now through our iphoneography I really pray some of my “real” images come out as good. What a fantastic tool! Some of these images were taken in Boston on the last morning after I’d already packed my photo gear, so all I’ve got are the iphone images.