Shouldn’t Get Too Worked Up

The purpose of this little web site certainly isn’t political, but since I made some art recently that clearly expresses my feelings….I guess I’ll call this “art”. ¬†What a glorious time to be an American! ¬†Enough said…I’ll let the reader guess where I land on this one.


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Adobe Ideas App

I discovered a wonderful new app for my iPhone that scratched my itch to draw once in a while. I like drawing but don’t always carry around paper and pencil. Like the camera, the drawing on the phone may not be the best thing, but “love the one you’re with”. I always have my phone, so when I’m on a plane, or waiting somewhere I can now draw. IMG_9418.JPG

thanks Adobe. Now we’ve got to get the large new iPhone and find a pen of sorts that allows me to draw. I am using a cheap pen now that sort of works. Wacom must make something?