Is This Photography?

One of the things I really enjoy with the iPhone are all the photo editing apps. When I’m just sitting around I’ll frequently go back and grab an old photo and play with it using whatever crazy editing I can come up with. This one was put through a little “Perfectly Clear” them Moku Hanga. It comes out looking a bit like a Japanese woodblock print….of a beat up old Buick. I like to think I’m a decent photographer, and I will admit that I’m a rather exuberant editor of photos. Is that a healthy combination?IMG_9617-0.JPG

My last post included this same old Buick, also heavily edited using Snapseed.

I Used to Look Great

… And now I look even better!

What is it about an old decrepit beater on the side of the road? I can’t pass one up. I took some pictures of this beauty about two years ago. It was slightly better put together then; with a For Sale sign in the window. The sign is still there. I saw it again today and had to take a few iPhone shots. She’s gone downhill in the past two years, and is even lovelier. I guess it is sad in a way. I’d love to be able to take her away and give her new life, but at the same time her sad beauty would be destroyed, as it most certainly will be anyway with time if she remains out here in the elements.

I wonder what her story is?IMG_9559.JPG



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