Sites I’ve Built (that are still running)

For some strange reason I got into building websites years ago.  It started while I still worked for ExxonMobil.  I built two internal (intranet) web sites. Both those dealt with quality and organization effectiveness.

When I built my first web site outside the company I had retired and had my own consulting business…that web site is now dead, as is the business.  I found I had too much fun being retired.  I then got on to the important things like automating my Tuesday men’s golf group.  I’ve built a few sites for real businesses, but most have been for non-profits.  Most of my sites in recent years have been developed using either Joomla or WordPress. Both excellent, free, CMS’s.

Here is a smattering of sites that still operate today:

Tuesday golf Group

Friends of the Library, Kingwood

Kingwood Photoclub

Jeager Homes