Printing My Images

I, like most of us (I think), believe the printed image is the epitome of the photographer’s art. Probably, again like most of us, I print very few of my pictures with social media being the primary means of sharing.  When you think of it, this is crazy.  I shoot with a 36 megapixel camera, and post at 75dpi, on Facebook.  I could easily be shooting with an iPhone and do just as well! Well I decided to try to print more images, and have spent several days culling my library to find candidates.  One thing I found is that the ones that might look interesting in print are not necessarily the same as what I previously considered my “best” pictures.  Sure there is overlap, but when I try to envision the print, many of my previously favorite images look like they wouldn’t really stand out.  This really is a difficult sorting process!  So here is my current “possibles” list. (Click image)

Mountain line