My Favorite Sites

I have my favorite photographers and people I follow.  They may not be world beaters (I don’t know)…I have just found that they serve me well.  Their views are interesting and sometimes controversial.  They talk about the things I like, and they are masters at what they do.  Finally, they are easy to like… just seem like good folks.

Joe McNallyJoe McNally Photography – I took a lighting workshop with Joe McNally once.  Tell me one photographer trying to improve who hasn’t.  Joe is the master of lighting, in addition to being just a great people photographer.   I personally don’t do much people photography, nor do I use artificial lighting very frequently, but when I do, I go back to what I learned in his class.

Jimmy McIntyreThrough Strange Lenses – Jimmy’s traveled all over the world, and blogs about his experiences.  I follow him on Facebook, and read most of his tips.  He has a great regular email that comes out weekly.

Tray RatcliffStuck in Customs – Tray has a great website with loads of tips.

Brian Matiash –  Brian Matiash Photography – Again, like some others there are videos and lots of good advice, plus a great personality.

Glyn – Glyn does really cool people pictures that remind me of what I wish my drawings would look like.
Scott Kelby – Scott is known for his books, and videos on almost all topics dealing with photography.  He has his own blog at:  He is especially known for his Photoshop/Lightroom training and his web site Kelbyone.  You can also go to his site for Photoshop user TV, for videos posted there from him and his crew of “photoshop guys”. His sidekicks are tremendous assets to anyone wanting to learn photography. If you’ve never gone to one of Scott’s photoshop world conferences, you need to try at least one. Great week.

Matt Kloskowski (now with OnOne)

Pete Collins

Corey Barker – an absolute genius at graphic design using Photoshop!

Dewitt Jones – Shear inspiration!  I follow Dewitt’s “Celebrate What’s Right with the World” posts on Facebook.  He’s photography as well as his outlook on life are great.  You can find his website here.

Christopher O’Donnell another photographer with great tips and training on the topics I’m interested in. You can see his website here.

Moose Peterson – How can you not love this guy’s work!  Man alive would I love to get some of the airplane shot opportunities he gets.  He gets those opportunities because his work is fantastic.  You can see his website here.

Serge Ramelli – Serge has a great number of good videos on his YouTube channel, here.


There are some web sites I go to a lot for education…they seem to have everything”

Digital Photography School