Morning Walk

I do love walking, and its not only because I now wear a fitbit.  I’ve always gotten outside to clear my head and think.  This morning was no different with a workshop on Lightroom scheduled for later in the morning, a good walk in the woods clears the head.  My iPhone is always at hand, as is my love of taking pictures, so the perfect scene 5D5AF99A-FAC4-4758-B55C-B539E50621CApresented itself; leading lines, sun flare, quite solitude.  This image was taken using the native iPhone camera app, then processed in Snapseed as I walked. Enhanced using a slight glow effect before going to black and white, then some dodging and burning to get the eye to follow the path.  Great morning though.  The class went well also.  I hope I didn’t drown the attendees with too much.