Macro and Close-up Photography

This is a type of photography I almost never do!  I gave it a try this month for our Photography club assignment.  I even went out and bought some Extension tubes to allow me to get really close.  These are my first attempts at Macros (two), with two close-up (non-macros) thrown in for good measure.

My main learning…well this really makes you work your camera hard.  Manual controls, manual focus, understanding depth of field, and using the live-view mode for obtaining critical focus.  Hard work!  Composition also becomes a bit problematical as small (minuscule) moves really alter the image a lot.  

I’ll give this more chances in the future, but for now back to landscape photography…planning a trip out to Navajo country in Arizona and the four corners area.

By the way, that flower in the pose header is a very tiny flower from a Nandina bush in my back yard…really tiny.