Force Yourself to Learn

I’ve never been tagged by anyone as a “brain”, and that’s a good thing. I can get away with more that way. What I do think I am is an exceptional grinder. I love learning new things, especially now that I’m retired from the real world, and have the time to do it…yes I realize I’m incredibly lucky. 

One technique I’ve used a few times this past year is to schedule a workshop and send out invitations a month or so out, on a topic I know little about, but have wanted to learn. I find nothing focused the mind like having to present and teach a topic which is unfamiliar. 

My latest topic is on Workflow Automation in Lightroom and Photoshop. What I think I’ve found out, after a few days of research is that this isn’t something for a single two -hour workshop. Great topic, and I’ve learned a ton, but it’s huge!

The learning continues.