Cuba Again

I was in Cuba before..before Castro that is.  Does that say something about my age?  Yes, I remember as a child living in Barranquilla, Colombia, flying up to Miami…probably shopping for school.  We used to fly Super Constellations, and landed in Kingston, Jamaica and in Camaguey, Cuba. The flights were really long, and I can remember a lot of bumpy air.  On one trip, probably our final one through that route, we landed in Camaguey as usual, and stayed in the plan while they did whatever they were doing there.  Presumably loading and unloading passengers and probably refueling.  As always I had the window seat due to my propensity to motion sickness.  I can remember marveling at all the bearded military looking thugs outside the airplane, as it was surrounded on the tarmac.    Well I was in Cuba again!  A few weeks ago I spent two days in Havana as part of a cruise.  Cubans are very much like my Barranquillero/Consteño Colombians.  Happy, vibrant people who love good music and speak Spanish as it shot from a machine gun.  I actually felt pretty at home with my rough memory of Colombian Spanish.

This gallery shows Havana over two days.  Cars, being one of the things I love most in this world, are naturally a big part of the gallery.  You will notice for the most part that the cars appear beautifully maintained.  They are, but realize there have been no imports from the US since Kennedy imposed the embargo in the early 60’s.  There have also been no import of car parts, so these cars may look like mid-50’s vintage vehicles but who knows what is under the hood.  

As for processing, most are simply processed from raw files in Lightroom using most of my standard settings (secret sauce), however I did put the car pictures, in particular through Nik’s software to bring out the luster in the paint, then masked the effect off the rest of the image to avoid the whole picture looking overdone.

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