Bird Photography

When I started back into semi-serious photography a number of years ago, I went through what almost every photographer goes through; my Bird phase. I thought, and still do think, bird photography is cool. I did have my comeuppance though on a trip my wife and I took down to the Texas coast where we had the opportunity to shoot Whooping Cranes (shoot with a camera). I had my 500mm telephoto (Cheap…not fast glass), and we were on a tour boat out into the wetlands. When I brought out my equipment and saw what the real birders where using, I knew immediately this was not for me, unless I wanted to sell my home and cars. These guys had BIG and FAST glass. There were dollar signs hanging in the air around them as they moved about. I scrapped most of my pictures from that trip, but I’ll include some bird pictures here for the record.

I don’t do birds any more.

Old Town Spring

I set up a Photowalk in October as part of Scott Kelby’s Worldwide Photiwalk, in old town Spring, north of Houston. It’s a great place for strolling around shopping. In deciding where to do the walk I didn’t want to do another one in downtown, or the surrounds. I wanted something a little different in this area. Hopefully this will work out. Unfortunately I won’t be here, so our club Events person will lead the walk.

August Photoclub meeting

Spent a large part of today getting ready for our monthly club meeting tomorrow night. Hopefully it’ll be a good meeting. We’ve got a new approach to audio and video. Keeping my fingers crossed that it all works.

Our photo assignment this month was “me as I see me”…self portraits. I tried a number. The best one I think is this one. Me drawing a picture of me.


iPhone photography if easy and very satisfying…instant gratification. The editing apps are especially fun to play with. This shot was taken in Alaska using HDR-pro, then edited on Snapseed and Painteresque.

Site Name: El Mundo Chico

When I grew up in Colombia my nickname was Chico (small, in English). Since retiring my wife and I have traveled a lot. I take my camera everywhere. The images on this site bring together a lot of this world. In the words of one Walt Disney, “It’s a small world, after all”.


After I first got this site up a while back I found I had almost no time to work on it. Well, I finally got a couple of hours this afternoon. It appears to be working now like I want it to. I’ve loaded a number of pictures to initially populate it. With a ridiculous number of pictures on my PC, selecting “portfolio” quality images for the web site is no easy matter. This will take a while! In the end I don’t expect to have that many images since truly high quality images are rare.

Getting Going

I decided to try building a web site just for me.  Novel idea since I’ve probably built 15 websites of other people.  This site is where I’ll have some fun trying a bunch of things I’d never try on any of the other sites.  Therefore I predict there will be times when things get a little out of hand here.

This site is dedicated to one of my favorite things…Photography.  While being far from an great photographer, I make up for lack of skill with enthusiasm.  I make images for myself.  A lot are shared, but one learns that shared images almost never get really honest reviews…nothing wrong with that, we all like to be “liked”.

I work currently with a lot of really good photographers at the Kingwood Photoclub.  I’m learning to act more like a serious photographer through this experience.