About and Contact

I am an amateur photographer, with the emphasis on amateur.

I post my thoughts randomly on the ramblings page.   They range on all sorts of NON-POLITICAL topics.  I live in Texas, so that tells you enough about that subject.  Most of my comments will be about either photography and travel, technology, or golf…my main interests, outside of the central thing in my life, my family.

I’m currently retired from the real world, having had the good fortune to work for a great organization for almost 30 years after my time in the Air Force. Good years all, and many great friends.

My view of photography is far from that of a purist. The camera provides a great starting point, but the final image may, in my interpretation, legitimately be a highly post processed version. I enjoy post processing almost as much as image capture. I want to produce striking images. I’m not a photo journalist.

My specialty, if that’s the right word, in photography is landscape. Landscape with a twist. I do like to include “the hand of man” in many of my images for interest and scale. My other loves include decaying structures and vehicles, and travel photography. I completely stay away from wildlife, birding (too expensive), and portraits. Street photography intrigues me.

I reside in Houston, Texas, and welcome any constructive comments.  Nothing on this site should be taken too seriously.

If you would like to contact me about anything on this web site, please use this form.  I’ll do my best to respond to legitimate questions/comments as soon as possible.  Thanks for your Interest.