2016 done…up Next 2017

Time is flying too fast, but I feel very fortunate to thoroughly enjoy what I’m doing, and look forward to what comes next. 2016 was definitely a scary and dissappointing year from a US politics standpoint, and 2017 could be woresome indeed with a President who has the sensitivity of a 13 year old teenage girl…but enough of that, lets focus on what we can control, and that is what’s up next. This last year started with a trip to Asia.  The highlight being the Angkor Watt temples in Cambodia.  From there we joined fellow photographers in the Big Bend National Park..a true hidden gem of a park!  spring floods at home in Houston resulted is some beautiful water bird photos (how’s that for making lemonade when life gives you lemons).  We took our granddaughter on a river cruise in Europe, followed by a road trip in Germany…part of our subtle education program for her.  In the Fall we made a road trip out to California.